Student Testimonials

Monica and Sergio

“We love the teachers and the way of learning, always having fun! It is in the city centre so it...
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Carolina Salas

“What I like most about studying at SRI English is the support they provide to the students and the activities...
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Miga Lkhagvasuren

“I definitely would say that SRI is the one of the best language schools in Brisbane and I am really...
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Glaucy Nahum

“What I like about SRI English is the diversity of the students that it has, besides learning English I have...
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Luidmila Sheludkova

“SRI for me was like a second home. Firstly, it’s a big opportunity to improve my English.

Yujian SHI (Jonathan)

“These are some of the things I like most about studying at SRI English:    

Cristian David Mendoza Lopez

“I really like studying at SRI English because there are many activities with very kind teachers.  


“Studying a language is a difficult process, however SRI English is making it interesting and fun and this certainly makes...
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Manson Jia

“I think the learning environment, the teachers and my classmates are what I like most about studying at SRI.  My...
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Ivan Zanol

“I think the thing I like most about studying at SRI is that everyone is always happy and the teachers...
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Laura Neves

“What I like most about studying at SRI are my classmates and my teacher, they are so friendly.  

Stefania Barbagallo

“I feel so lucky to be studying at Sarina Russo Institute.  

Berta Marti Palau

“One of the most important things, when you are far away from your country, is to find a place where...
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Rogea Manega

“Yesterday’s coffee making course was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed myself.  

Korakot Klasomsak (Nick)

“I have been staying in Brisbane for a year now and I feel I’m very lucky to have a chance to study...
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Ha Yeon Cho (Jane)

“I really loved the class because we focussed on all aspects including speaking which allowed me to improve on this...
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Moonui Hwang

“I’ve really enjoyed my time studying English at Sarina Russo Institute. From the beginning I’ve been really satisfied with the location,...
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Priscila De Matos Rodrigues

“The events in Sarina Russo Institute have all been wonderful! It’s a good way to socialise, have fun and of...
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Suvd-erdene Bayarsaikhan (Pearl)

“Joblinx is a bridge allowing students to explore a new journey in the Australian job market!    

Hyeonsu Park

“I went to the Story Bridge Hotel with SRI crew to celebrate my first Australia Day. I met my classmates and...
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“The thing I like most about Brisbane is that it’s not too busy and the campus location is very convenient...
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Samuele Barazzoni

“I think it is a really beautiful city, I like it because it’s really easy going, it’s not busy and...
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Emily Paderanga

“Joblinx was my gateway to join the corporate world here in Brisbane.  

Alanoud Alghamdi

“I have been studying at Sarina Russo Institute for the last 10 weeks and I’m so happy with how my...
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Wai Lam Wong

“Since I arrived in Brisbane I have been facing difficulties with my listening and speaking skills because English is a...
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Daniele Guimarães

“Thank you for the Barista Course. It was really good!  

Marco Mendes

“The Coffee Making Course was great, the instructor was very helpful and shared with us many important information and showed...
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Huy Hao Nguyen

“The Coffee & Chat session was great. I had the opportunity to speak English and learn about my friends culture...
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Karmel Surban

“I did not decide on impulse but rather weighed the pros and cons on moving to a new country. Studying at...
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Andreia Souza

“Both Brisbane and Sarina Russo Institute have been very welcoming since I arrived in Brisbane! It is not an easy...
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Karen Huanqui

“For anyone looking to advance their English Language skills whether for general use or ongoing study, I would recommend Sarina...
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Shanshan (Amy) Wang

“Studying English is very important to me as it’s an international language. I plan to use it as much as I...
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Traad Al Enazi

“I enjoy studying English as it is a language  widely recognised all over the world.