12 Sep 2023

SRI English BEEP students are ready for Uni!


Sarina Russo Institute English graduates Panida and Sandy are all set for university this week, thanks to their successful completion of our English pathway courses. Both students are now eligible for direct entry to their university courses without further need for external English testing. As well as achieving the English level required, the students have gained valuable academic and study skills.

Sandy, from Hong Kong, completed our Bridging Entry English Program (BEEP) and is headed for James Cook University Brisbane to begin a Masters. Her classmate Panida, from Thailand, also completed Unipath English 1 & 2 prior to BEEP and will study her Masters alongside Sandy.

Panida has made many friends during her 30 weeks at SRI English, while also gaining valuable work experience as a part-time barista. Her favourite BEEP assignment was writing a magazine article – which she wrote about coffee! She feels that everything she has learned in our pathway courses will be useful in her life at university.

Sandy appreciated the chance to increase her research, synthesis and critical thinking skills and brush up her English grammar. She also really liked the chance to participate in an academic debate (and was fantastic at it!)

Want direct entry to a Bachelor or Masters degrees at James Cook University Brisbane? Sarina Russo Institute’s English pathway courses may be just what you are looking for! These are also great for non-pathway students who want to increase their academic English skills so they can face Australian university life with confidence.

Our English pathway courses have three intakes per year (March, June and October).

Enrol now for the next start: 23 October 2023.


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