19 Jul 2023

SRI English welcomes Korean Study Tours


Study Tour season is in full swing, with a number of South Korean universities and colleges choosing Sarina Russo Institute, English Language to give their students the experience of a lifetime studying in Australia! On a chilly July morning, excited students from three prestigious institutes arrived in Brisbane. 

Catholic Sangji College students are studying with us as part of the ‘Blue Ladder Program’, which is funded by the Korean government. This program includes English classes, volunteering, excursions and industry visits. One particularly valuable experience they have undertaken is volunteer work for an RSL memorial ceremony. 

The students from Taegu Science University are completing the Global Internship Program. This stimulating program comprises both English study and a 4-week block of work experience in a relevant industry workplace. Student majors include as Nursing, Beauty, Hairdressing and Nail Technician. 

Students from Kyungnam College of Information & Technology are here for the Global Leader Program, which is designed for students who are interested in the pursuing the Global Internship Program in the future. Their program also features English classes, volunteering, excursions and industry visits. 

These exciting tailor-made programs will allow the students to have some great travel experiences, improve their English and connect with industries and organisations in Australia. 

When you study English at Sarina Russo Institute, you’ll learn from dedicated teachers with an exciting and varied curriculum. You’ll also make friends for life, have while fun learning and become an honorary Aussie in no time! 

Intensive General English courses start any Monday.  

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