Andreia Souza



Name: Andreia Souza
Country: Brazil
Course: General English


“Both Brisbane and Sarina Russo Institute have been very welcoming since I arrived in Brisbane! It is not an easy thing to leave your home country and come to a different place on your own, without speaking the local language fluently.

What I like the most in Sarina Russo Institute is the cultural diversity and having the opportunity to mingle with people of different nationalities. I find this experience very enhancing, especially because we have the opportunity to learn and respect each individual and his or her personality.

Also Joblinx and Student Events staff have been supporting me throughout my adaptation process and have given me an opportunity to show my work at school, which is in the dancing field, by including a Latino Dance Class for students in the Events Calendar!

Moreover, the school promotes activities and events which encourage students and staff to interact.


I am really enjoying the experience with Sarina Russo Institute and I am grateful for their support during this important moment of my life and I hope to continue learning and developing my skills.”