Manson Jia



Name: Manson Jia
Country: China
Course: General English


“I think the learning environment, the teachers and my classmates are what I like most about studying at SRI.  My classmates are really friendly and they come from different countries, I personally have an interest in history so I really like learning about different cultures. I also really like the extra activities that are available. So far I have participated in the singing workshop and I also went to the BBQ lunch, I’m looking forward to doing the Coffee Making course in the next few weeks.

I have found these events provide an opportunity to talk to many people and it’s just fun to do something new.

I’ve learnt a lot since I arrived, when I first came to Australia I was afraid to talk to Australian people but now I’m comfortable to talk to people and ask them to explain if I don’t understand. I think my speaking skills have improved the most but I have also improved in my listening and writing.”