14 Oct 2016

English Student Pursues Her Childhood Dream

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Meet Hannah, a grandmother from Papua New Guinea who is pursuing her childhood dream to learn English.  In early 2016, Hannah started Unipath English at Sarina Russo Institute.  Since the commencement of her studies, Hannah has completed Unipath English, been involved in all that SRI campus life has to offer and left a lasting impression on both teachers and peers.

“For me, coming overseas to study English language is my childhood dream come true. I have found it incredibly enjoyable to study with such a culturally diverse group of students.”

In addition to improving her English Language skills, her young peers have taught her more about technology and social media.

“They’re a fun bunch of students who are very caring and inclusive; I feel I have learnt quite a bit from them.”

In addition to providing a pathway to quality education, one of the main things that attracted Hannah to SRI were the various activities offered including; the free Barista Course as well as speaking and pronunciation classes.

“SRI provided access to valuable workshops and training programs to equip me with the skills I’ll need for employment, I also found these extra-curricular activities were a great way for me to put my English skills to the test.”

So why English? Papua New Guinea is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with around 820 languages.  When Hannah was asked ‘why’, she explained that without good English skills she cannot communicate effectively in Papua New Guinea.

“Almost everything is in English including; speaking, writing and reading.”

Ultimately, Hannah wants to use her English skills to help others through charity work in various communities.

“My personal feat is that ‘I do not wish to shrink from doing what is good due to lack of understanding’.”

Congratulations Hannah on successfully completing your Unipath English course at Sarina Russo Institute, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.